Monday, July 15, 2013

Ring Party

Dainty gold rings have been catching my eye, for obvious reasons, and it seems like when I wander around stores, I end up walking out with a new, tiny ring. I especially love the bows, hearts, and teensy diamonds that look perfectly stacked on each finger. Also, when my pinky rings feel slightly big, I stack them on my knuckles for a little edgier look. My favorite ring shops are Catbird, House of Harlow, and Etsy.
Guys, are you listening? These are the perfect little gifts for your lady.

^Some of my favorites

  1. Horseshoe Midi Ring
  2. Topshop
  3. Dogeared Star ring
  4. Dogeared Charmed Bow Ring
  5. Windsor Cross Ring
  6. Mociun Square Ring
  7. House of Harlow Bone Ring
  8. Trillion Diamond Ring
  9. Threadsence Knuckle Ring


  1. I love this trend of wearing tons of little rings. Love your picks, especially the bow one. It's so girly and cute. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Just started following on BL. Hope you can follow back so we can stay connected : )


  2. love these picks! i have sausagey fingers so i like to wear dainty rings because it makes them look thinner! i have also noticed that wearing midi rings makes them look thinner too especially when worn on a finger with a regular sized ring. they have a great selection over at urbanoutfitters.


  3. It is very easy to impress me. When my guy does the little things for me, I got very happy. I personally like the rings very much, and these rings are very beautiful and cute. Although last month he gave me a diamond ring, he bought that from Loyes Diamonds, I know that was a big gift, but now I am going to demand that bow ring from him. I liked it the most.