Friday, December 21, 2012

Sweater Weather

J Brand Jeans, Madewell Sweater (30% off!), Belle by Sigerson Morrison Boots, Chan Luu Necklaces
 I'm typically not a jeans girl, but I tend to live in this black pair whenever I am back in Connecticut. I pair them with a chunky sweater, like this, or oversized black tops. I hope you all have a spectacular Christmas filled with family, friends, and good food. I will see you next year!

*P.S.— If you would like to help Newtown, CT, you can make snowflakes! Sandy Hook students will be entering a new school come January, and the PTA has decided to make it a winter wonderland for the kids. Send your snowflakes to the following address: 

60 Connolly Parkway
Building 12, Suite 103
Hamden, CT  06514 

The flakes must be submitted by January 12th. Get creative!


  1. Awwww love your chic & cozy look....the beanie nailed it well!


  2. I love your beanie and your cute cozy outfit. Merry Christmas. xx. McKenna lou

  3. Love the cozy sweater and beanie! Thanks for the address for Newtown. I'm going to start making snowflakes!

  4. Such a cute sweater. It's finally sweater weather here, too!

    I'm sending some snowflakes. I already have them made!

  5. love the sweater !!
    maybe you would like to follow each other!! let me know

    Happy New Year !!

  6. I have that sweater in 2 colors I love it so much :) Looks so cute on you, especially with that hat!

    The Other Side of Gray

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