Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Holiday Gifts for your Bestie

 This one makes me laugh! If I'm going to wear a friendship bracelet after fifth grade, it better look like this. Obviously you don't have to go old school with the broken hearts. There are so many colorful bracelets waiting to be stacked on your friend's wrists.

This is the perfect gift for your girlfriend who cannot start her day without multiple cups of coffee. I love fun mugs in my kitchen, and they are a great gift to brave the cold weather and bundle up with a hot drink.

Ornaments are one of my favorite gifts to give. You can buy this gift to completely cater to your friend's exact personality. The ones above are a bit quirky, but there are so many options that I don't doubt you will find the perfect one for your bestie!

I think these are too fun. I always carry around a notebook in my purse. They carry my to do lists or just random ideas that go through my head. Mine are pretty drab compared to these and I would love to style mine up with colors and fun quotes! So many options!

We all have girlfriends that we have never seen without polish on (aka me). So here's the gift for them! Buy their favorite color(s) and brand(s) and you are good to go!

Are you a little less overwhelmed now? I love buying gifts that I know my family and friends will love, cherish, and actually use. Follow this guide for your best girlfriends, and you are all set!

*Photos via Pinterest 


  1. Those BF Necklaces are FABULOUS

    Pearls & Paws

  2. Love the BF necklace. Do you mind sharing where you get it from?

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