Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Free Your Mind

I run past this tree nightly as it just so happens to be on my route around the lake that I live on. Isn't it cool that someone carved these words on the trunk of a palm tree? I've always wanted to take a photo of it, because I usually spot it at sunset when the sky is the most beautiful shade of pink (Unfortunately, I do not run with a camera). While walking around the lake with my boyfriend a few nights ago, I forced him to snap a photo! So, here is a little inspiration to free your mind of all of the negativity. Happy Wednesday!

The winner of the mark. giveaway is Meghan! Please e-mail me your information.


  1. Thank you for sharing it!
    Happy Wenesday for you too!


  2. Free your mind!

  3. That’s really cool that you spotted this!! I love finding hidden messages/things like this!


  4. Yeah so excited I won!

    Xo Meghan

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