Friday, August 31, 2012

Twenty Four Facts

I am officially one year older today. Yikes

  1. Getting older completely terrifies me.
  2. I started competitively swimming at the age of 4.
  3. I have a jewelry addiction— especially beaded bracelets.
  4. I go to Target at least twice a day and leave with items I really didn’t need.
  5. I am currently getting my Masters Degree in Elementary Education.
  6. I have a serious sweet tooth. I have a piece of dark chocolate daily.
  7. I am way too shy.
  8. I love working out and have recently started CrossFit.
  9. CrossFit scares the hell out of me, but I’m addicted.
  10. My middle name is Nicole.
  11. I have never dyed my hair.
  12. My favorite color is dark purple or black.
  13. I refuse to watch scary movies.
  14. I have two siblings. I am the baby.
  15.  I think that I can taste the difference in bottled water.
  16.  I have perfect vision.
  17. I hate when my nails aren’t painted. I feel naked.
  18.  "The Holiday" is one of my favorite movies.
  19. My mom is my best friend.
  20. I’m secretly addicted to getting my eyebrows waxed. I tend to go every two weeks.
  21.  I had braces twice as a child.
  22.  Easter is my favorite holiday.
  23. I have to start my morning with Greek yogurt, or I’m a little off.
  24.  I do not eat red meat.

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  1. Happy Birthday!! love all these extra 24 facts!!!
    have a great weekend.

    xo. cake & valley

  2. Happy Birthday!

    Have a Fab Weekend!

    Mr J Kane

  3. Cute post!!!! Happy Birthday!!!