Wednesday, July 25, 2012


My last stop on my Italian getaway was Positano, which is the first village of the Amalfi Coast. I've always heard such wonderful things about both Positano and Capri, and they definitely lived up to the hype. Postiano is magical! One store my mom and I walked into had an elderly Italian women at the counter sewing these beautiful white dresses (I just had to pick one up!), which is exactly what I envision when I think about the small villages of Italy. Unfortunately, I am headed back to the states today, but I will return to Italy soon!


  1. The buildings, the water, SO BEAUTIFUL! In other news, I'm happy you're on your way back. :)

  2. Still loving these picture updates. The views are so beautiful! As is that white dress!

    Cup of Tea

  3. LOVE Positano - we honeymooned there and it was beyond amazing! Love your new dress :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  4. Fabulous photos! And I love that white dress; you look gorgeous!

  5. You look super fab and those dresses are gorge :)
    Love the blog :)
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