Monday, May 28, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

Happy Memorial Day! I'm having a great holiday weekend thus far. My friend from New York came to visit and we have been enjoying the pool, barbecuing, and spending the evening baking the most delicious treats! Today, we are going to our favorite lunch spot, which has the most beautiful views of the ocean, and then heading to the pool to enjoy the live band. How is your holiday weekend going?


  1. lovely pictures :) looks like you are having a nice time :)

  2. You can tell a thousand things just by looking at photos and these ones tell me you're having so much fun! That smile is so genuine and big :) I love it. Hope you continue to have as much fun as possible - love the pics (but now I feel like a cupcake! haha)

    Anna xo

  3. Really lovely - hope you had a good one! xx

  4. Swimming and cupcakes sound divine right now. And right now I am unable to do either! No pool nearby and I am trying to stop the gluttony train. Geez, ice cream every single day, chocolate chip cookies every other day and burgers and fries the past two days. Bleh...


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