Thursday, April 12, 2012

Seeing Stripes

Cyhthia Rowley Dress via Marshalls, Madewell Vest and Heels, Target Clutch, Chan Luu Necklace

I never have luck at TJ Maxx or Marshalls and am always jealous of friends who find great, discounted items— my friend Macey even found her favorite leather jacket at TJ Maxx! I decided to give it another try last weekend and to my surprise, I spotted this tea-length striped Cynthia Rowley dress! I also picked up a sleeveless black dress that my sister immediately stole once she saw it— must go back and get another one!


  1. I love the dress, the denim goes so well with it too :)

    Love, Elizabeth xx

  2. Love this outfit!!!!! You look gorgeous!! :) God bless!!

    I blog @

  3. LOVE this! The Madewell vest is SO cute, and I have the heels in red :) The striped dress looks fabulous :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  4. A girl after my own TJ Maxx and Marshall's-loving heart! Love the striped dress with the denim vest. I wear my denim jacket so much, I need to find a denim vest for summer! Love this Madewell version.

  5. You look super cute and I love the entire outfit.

  6. I love the outfit, you look stunning!


  7. Love this dress..and that clutch is awesome, you will for sure never loose it!

    Sara :)

  8. Stripes and denim is the perfect pairing...esp with that flash of neon!

    <3 Cambria

    Enter my Shabby Apple GIVEAWAY!!!

  9. Gorgeous find! Love it with the clutch too~

    Danielle xo

  10. Great look!
    And THANKS for your comment on my blog! Follow each other?


  11. I love your blog! This is such a cute outfit. Love the pop of yellow in the clutch!

    And thanks for the sweet comment!


  12. Nice clutch! xoxo ES

  13. I adore the bright, neon clutch, and your necklace is just perfect. You look adorable! I'm following you for sure! :)

    Dossome :)

  14. Nice outfit! Love you put color in it!

  15. I like this dress, looks cute on you! You look so sweet! The heels are to die for.

    Julie -

  16. Beautiful dress! I love your denim vest also; though, I'm not sure I could pull it off myself.


  17. The neon and stripes are such a gorgeous combo!

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