Friday, November 4, 2011

Sit Tight

Tights are hands down, my favorite thing about the fall and winter seasons. Tights can be dressed up for cocktail sheek look with a fancy dress and sky-high heels, or dressed down with skirts, dresses, and boots for a day time look.  Catching me in jeans and pants during the chillier months is a rarity— I live in tights. Also, tights do not have to be boring, you can spice things up with different colors and patterns that fit your personal style. While cheap tights may seem like a good deal initially, they wear out much faster than higher quality ones, so you end up replacing them more frequently— therefore it is actually more cost-effective to splurge on a good quality tight. I’m very loyal to a few brands. I love Spanx tights because they have great support and come in a variety of styles. I’m also a big fan of Wolford tights because they are very comfortable and thick. My favorites are the Wolford 80's, which are the thickest. If you are looking for the most support, your best bet is to go with Spanx. And, don’t forget to always buy matte— shiny tights tend to cheapen your look!