Friday, October 28, 2011

A Taste Of Tribal

Madewell skirt and Top, Rebecca Minkoff Bag, Tory Burch Cuff, House of Harlow 1960 Ring, J.Crew Necklace, Essie Carry On Polish
Tribal and ikat prints are one of my favorite prints to wear in the summer, seen here and here. I love them so much, that it’s hard for me to put my ikat items away for the long months until summer returns. I saw this shirt at Madewell, as one of the third party products they sell in their stores. I needed to have it, because it is tribal-inspired, but the dark colors make it seasonally appropriate.
As a result of my move from the top of the country to the bottom, the weather confuses me. October used to mean the month I started to wear tights, leather jackets, and scarves— in mostly black, of course. While the weather is getting cooler in Florida, it is still nowhere near New England cold. I feel like I have this innate instinct to just wear black during the winter, so this shirt is a good compromise between the urbanite in me, and the warm Florida weather.


  1. This is a great outfit!

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