Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wish List

Theory Jacket

I've seen this jacket a few times while walking around the different department stores getting daily doses of inspiration. Every single time I see it, I try it on and fall in love with it all over again. The jacket fits bigger and is flowy, but the sleeves are fitted and leather, what a great idea, right? This jacket can be paired with anything from a dress, tights and booties, to black jeans, silk top and pumps or for a more causal look— an oversized tee and flat boots. It gives off a rocker vibe for those cool fall days and has the potential to make an outfit complete. Unfortunately, I am moving to Florida and will not get enough use out of this jacket— but you enjoy it!

Coach Wedges

I spotted these shoes when I was walking back to my hotel in the city and had to run in and try them on. I was the first person in the store to ever try them on so all the employees were curious to see how they fit. I can't emphasize enough how comfortable and wearable these shoes are for day or night. Wedges in the summer are fun (my favorite seen here) and why not carry the trend through the fall and winter months?

Chan Luu Bracelets

My mom is addicted to Chan Luu bracelets, and she got me loving them as well. It works out that my mom loves them, because I have been stealing hers and wearing them with an already full arm of beaded bracelets. This Chan Luu display was in Henri Bendel and was gorgeous! I am loving the grey tones for fall to pair with my more rocker-esque bracelets.