Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Twenty Three

My 22nd birthday- can’t believe this was a year ago

Today is my 23rd birthday. It feels like just yesterday I was celebrating 21 with my best friends in NYC- time flies. I think being in your 20s is fabulous and a fearless timeThis is a time where you can experiment with personal style and express yourself through your clothes. You are adult, yet you can still get away with acting and dressing a little sassy. Individual style is one of my favorite things so use this essential time in your 20s to express yourself! Since I just moved to Florida last week, my birthday will be low key and relaxing: a spa day and dinner with my mom. I better pick a fun outfit!

 Teen Vogue Event in NYC 

I can’t believe all that has happened since my last birthday. I went to a Teen Vogue event in NYC, celebrated New Years Eve with amazing friends, spent school vacations on the Florida beaches, graduated college, and moved for grad school. Lots of change, but it’s been a great year!