Monday, August 8, 2011

Purple Weekend (Wrap-Up)

Rebecca Taylor Dress

I spent this past weekend hanging out in NYC. Walking around the city taking pictures, people watching, and feeling the energy, is one of my favorite things to do! This weekend was filled with the color purple. I spent two days in the city and both days wore a deep purple dress. The color is amazing, one of my favorites, and I love pairing deep purples with emerald greens. Saturday was the day of Italian food and shopping (but really, what day isn’t?) My mom and I went to Serafina for lunch and tried out a new place for dinner, Morandi, in the village. After a great brunch filled with lots of laughs on Sunday, we did a little more shopping. I couldn’t believe how many people were wearing fall clothes although it was super hot out! It’s definitely too early to put away the summer dresses and sandals. I am so sad that this is my last summer city visit before moving to Florida for grad school but you can't take the city out of a girl, right?

Madewell Dress (also seen in orange HERE) &Belt, Sam Edelman Sandals


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