Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Orange & Beige

Madewell Dress, H&M Blazer, Stuart Weitzman Wedges, Kate Spade Necklace and Bracelet 
When wearing a vibrant colored dress, like this one, I love pairing fun colored jewelry to add a touch of my own style. Wearing a basic dress can sometimes hide your individual style so don't be afraid to show it— and in my case scream it. I love color blocking when it comes to outfits and who says you can't color block with jewelry too? The orange hues in this dress made me feel fearless, so I added a hot pink necklace, blue and green earrings, and of course my go-to colorful beaded bracelets (I even let my hot pink bra strap show a little bit for some extra sass). Since I paired different colored accessories, I kept the blazer and wedges a neutral color. Use getting dressed as a creative outlet, and don't be scared to take risks!


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