Thursday, August 4, 2011

August Vacation

Packing is one of my least favorite things, second to unpacking. I am an over packer and tend to not use half of the clothes, jewelry, or shoes that I just had to take with me (“but I might wear this, right?”). I probably would have wanted those items if I didn't pack them so; its just the way it goes. Despite what the department stores are saying, summer isn't over yet and we must not forget about August. If you are planning a vacation to a hot Island, or a weekend getaway to a shore town, here are some essential items to not forget! 

1. Flat Sandals (Sam Edelman 'Eli' Sandal)
2. Colorful Jewels (Kendra Scott Earrings)
3. Fedora (Madewell Fedora)
4. Straw Bag (CALYPSO St. Barth for Target Straw Bag)
5. Flowy Dresses (H&M Maxi)
6. Head Scarf (Madewell City Storyteller Scarf)
7. Sunglasses (Ray-Ban Sunglasses)
8. Beaded Bracelets (Chan Luu)


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