Monday, July 25, 2011

Obsession Of The Week

To most of my friends I am known as a gym rat. I am borderline obsessed with working out and usually try to get a few workouts in per day, whether it is kickboxing, boxing, spinning, or lifting weights. It feels like I’m always either heading to or from the gym, attending multiple classes per day, so this lululemon gym bag was great purchase. I can fit my sneakers, water, a towel, and even my boxing gloves and wraps in it, and plus it’s fashionable too!

What's in my gym bag?

1. Sneakers (I love this nike pair)
2. Extra Clothes
3. Power Bar (My favorite is Think Thin. They are gluten free too!!)
4. Boxing Gloves
5. Towel
6. Water and more water!!