Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Girl Of The Month

"I believe in dressing to suit your shape.  I don't have cleavage, so I flash my long legs instead."

Seriously, how cool is Alexa Chung (and I don't just think that because we share the same amazing name!)? Alexa has such a quirky sense of style, achieved by pairing street looks with high-end pieces. I love that Alexa can rock H&M and Chanel in the same outfit— that is true style. Her style is laid back and portrays her tomboy roots. She makes dressing and pairing different pieces look easy and effortless (which we know it’s not). She also collaborated with my favorite store, Madewell, and proved that she can not only style outfits, but also design. Does it get any better? Are you as obsessed with Alexa Chung as I am?

"I said ‘I want to look like Kurt Cobain.' I said, 'I’m going to America and they’re going to try and make my hair shiny, and I don’t want it. I want to look like Kurt Cobain.’"